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Pirina promises an enriching experience
…bringing you…

- the latest jewellery & accessories fashion news
- what the celebrities and fashion models are wearing
- a contemporary history of jewellery – what was – and is – the most loved jewellery
- guidelines and ideas for appropriate gift-buying

+ news and views from other Pirina customers

Most of us enjoy using jewellery and accessories to enhance our outfits and overall 'look', either by wearing well-loved pieces or by looking to follow the latest fashion trends by wearing beautiful and up-to-the minute jewellery items. We all seek to look our best and so there has been a rise in the number of people who love to wear uniquely different and eyecatching jewellery that really makes a statement.

Over the past few years the jewellery industry has responded to massive consumer growth of interest in the art of accessorising outfits to create a different look.  So much so that whilst the recession has had an impact on clothing sales, the jewellery industry has enjoyed unparalleled growth as jewellery takes centre stage in assisting us to 'dress up' a simple outfit in numerous different ways.

To quote that famous celebrity fashionista, Gok Wan; "Adding new accessories is the perfect way to update almost any item of clothing"   
[Gok Wan - Feb 2011]
Pic of Gok Wan (2011)

In response to accessorisation gaining much more widespread acknowledgement within the fashion industry, and among the general public at large, the jewellery industry has inevitably started to produce jewellery on a mass-market scale, and sell it through multiple non-specialist outlets, including boutiques, department stores, and even through supermarkets and pharmacies - which, of course, provides a real benefit in making it accessible to all.

However, if you require something a little more unique and individual you would benefit from  looking for a jewellery supplier - such as Pirina -  that has pre-selected from the best designer jewellery ranges both in the UK and overseas, and can also assist and advise your choice at a more personal level.  See 'Be Guided'

Pirina offers you more unusual and unique designs as many of them are “one off” selected pieces and most of the designs are limited editions.

We all want to be unique so why look to the high street to be different?

We invite you to look at the range of jewellery offered by Pirina for that more unique designer jewellery - which will make you stand out in a crowd - but is still at enticing, affordable high street prices.

And to inspire your choice we present topical news of the latest fashions in jewellery, some trend-setting tips on what the celebrities are wearing right now, and also an array of background information from the industry to help inform and guide your choices.

We hope you enjoy reading our 'Be Inspired' pages and that this leads you to explore the Pirina product range in more detail.

Happy accessorising!!


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