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What Range of Colours should I be wearing?

Set of colour drapes

Are there any hard and fast rules about this...?

- You may be surprised to learn that there are - or at least, there are, if you want to wear colours that really flatter your complexion and 'light up' your overall look and avoid those that can make you look older, more tired and washed out, and with more uneven skin tone.

The science of colour analysis lies at the root of identifying which colours are best for you, individually, and to invest in a colour consultation can pay dividends in ensuring that in future you are wearing and buying only those colours that enhance your overall look and avoiding those colours which are non-flattering.

Should you wish to have a colour analysis consultation we recommend our own personal image consultant to you for either an online or a personal consultation. 

For full details CLICK HERE.

 MM Colour Splurge

Using the seasonal colour analysis method, the most elementary way to deduce a base range of 'right' and 'wrong' colours for you is  to identify which of the sets of hair, eyes, and skin tone colourings below are most like your own.

Winter has a bold, bright, strong, icy, steely look
Hair : dark, or dark which has gone grey
Eyes : dark brown or black, through to brighter blue, green or hazel
Skin tone : can range from very dark to very light, and may have a cool, pinky look.
Typical ‘Winters’ : Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lily Allen, Claudia Winkleman

Summer has a softer more muted look, a more dusty, ashy ‘English Rose’ look
Hair : mousy or ashy – from light ash blonde to medium brown, and cool light red (never black)
Eyes : lighter shade of blue, grey, green and hazel (can be mottled through to bright, but never deep)
Skin tone : fair to medium, with a softer look – ‘raspberries & cream’
Typical ‘Summers’ : Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Twiggy, Princess Diana

Autumn has a rich, earthy, burnished, toasty look
Hair : varies from deep auburn or brunette through red or ginger to medium golden blonde (never ashy)
Eyes : from deep brown through to softer shades of blue, green and hazel
Skin tone : fair to dark, with a softer look – has an olive or golden undertone which gives a warm glow to the skin
Typical ‘Autumns’ : Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Leona Lewis, Myleen Klass

Spring has a golden, sun-kissed, fresh, vivid & lively look – ‘Californian girl’
Hair : golden blonde, light brunette, or ginger with a brightness to it
Eyes : can be blue, green, hazel, grey or lighter brown
Skin tone : fair to medium, often with a bright, golden glow – ‘peaches & cream’
Typical ‘Springs’ : Cameron Diaz, Reece Witherspoon, Kate Winslett

Colour by Seasons

For clothing that complements your colouring, we suggest you visit Kettlewell Colours and, if buying, please identify Pirina as your source of introduction.

If you are Spring or Autumn you should be wearing warmer colours with a yellow  undertone (i.e. a core colour spectrum of yellows, reds, oranges and browns)

If you are Summer or Winter you should be wearing cooler colours with a blue undertone (i.e. a core colour spectrum of blues, greens, violets and pinks)

See the colour wheel below to gain a  better impression of how the warm and cool colours divide up.

Colour Chart


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