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What shape of jewellery best suits my face shape?

What Shape of Jewellery &  Accesories should I be wearing?

Jewellery can have a critical role in influencing your overall look and how people see you, as your jewellery (necklaces and earrings in particular) are worn in the vital 'Triangle of Influence' - that section of your body that has another person's almost entire focus when they are talking to you, one-to-one.

It is not often recognised just how important it is to select your jewellery in shapes that will perfectly complement your face shape. 

To do so provides an overall look that is in harmony with your features and, as a consequence, proves all the more flattering.

But what is your face shape?  How can you determine this?

By looking at which of the face shapes below best matches your own, the answer is very simple.

If your face shape most closely resembles one of these

Examples of Angular face shapes

then you have an 'angular' face shape and should be selecting and wearing jewellery of an angular or 'geometric' design  e.g. jewellery made up of triangles, squares, oblongs, hexagons, cube or block beads, spikes, feathers etc - in fact, anything carrying straight lines.

Alternatively, if your face shape more closely resembles one of the images below

Examples of Contoured face shapes

then you have a 'contoured' face shape and should be selecting and wearing jewellery of a contoured or 'rounded' design e.g. jewellery made up of circles, ovals, tear-drop shapes, round beads and pearls, hearts etc - in fact anything with soft rounded and flowing lines.

Now that you know if you have an Angular or a Contoured face shape, you can use the search filters on the right of the page, listed under ‘Shapes’, to identify the items most suitable for your face shape. 


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