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What size of Jewellery &  Accessories should I be wearing?

You may be surprised to learn that the size and shape of your body has an important influence on the choice of jewellery and accessories you wear.  Such accessories should always reflect and correspond to the wearer’s overall ‘scale’.

So what is ‘scale’?

Scale relates to the overall size of the body – how much space it takes up, and also to the size of the items the body is surrounded by i.e. clothing and accessories – which includes, of course, both jewellery and handbags.

It is important to dress and accessorise according to your scale and therefore to ensure that everything you wear is in-keeping with your scale and therefore ultimately in proportion with you!

For an example of how this works, take a look at the diagram attached [Click on link]

But what is your scale?   How can you determine this?

In order to determine your scale it is necessary to take account of your height, dress size, shoe size, and bone size.
- See below.






up to 5’ 4” (160 cm)

up to 12

Under 37

less than 6”


5’4”-5’7” (161-170 cm)


37 - 40



over 5’7” (171 cm)

over 14

Over 40 

more than 6”

However, it can be possible from the above analysis to fall between two scales i.e. medium/small or medium/large.  Or perhaps you don't know all of these measurements. 

Scale is the combination of height, weight and bone structure. So an alternative way to look at it is more visually, as below.

  Triangles to demonstrate scale

  1. The wider and longer a shape, the larger the scale  (e.g. Alison Moyet – as was...)
  2. The narrower and shorter the shape, the smaller its scale  (e.g. Kylie Minogue)
  3. Wide and short shapes are medium scale  (e.g. Dawn French)
  4. Long and narrow shapes are also medium scale (e.g. Jerry Hall)

Now that you have determined if you are Small, Medium or Large scale, you can use the search filters on the right of the page, listed under ‘Size’, to identify the items most suitable for your scale 


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