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It is often said that "Beautiful elegant and sophisticated designs tend to be preferred by older women."
Meanwhile, "Younger women tend to prefer fun and funky fashion jewellery designs."
- but is this always true?...

Learn to recognise the different jewellery personality types and it will help you find jewellery that you (or the lady you are buying for) will love.

Most women love jewellery. Fact. There's just something about the way it makes us feel that is irresistible. We use it to complete a 'look' whether it be adding a glimpse of personality to a work outfit, a touch of sparkle to a dress or simply making us feel that little bit special day-to-day.
Jewellery makes a great gift. However, it isn't a case of one size fits all. Jewellery taste is closely linked to personality - give her something she doesn't like and she will start analysing how well you really know her.

Yes, in principle, the thought does count. She will appreciate being given jewellery, although if you misjudge her taste, she will at best only wear the jewellery for your benefit and at worst bury it deep in a drawer and question what possessed you to buy it in the first place.

The solution? Save yourself a wasted effort and embarassment by learning to recognise the different jewellery personality types and it will guide you in your search.

There are essentially six different jewellery personality types:

: Approachable, friendly, casual, laid back
Style Characteristics
: Relaxed, comfortable,  unstructured, natural, low maintenance, utilitarian and no nonsense.
Visual Clues: Loose fit, easy-wear clothing, flowing fabrics, neutral colours,  Natural fabrics such as cotton, canvas, linen.  Clothing style is plain and simple, with comfortable shoes. Hair tends to be left down, simple cut, rarely coloured, 'wash and go' style. Little or no jewellery, and few accessories.  When worn these tend to be kept simple and understated.
Celebrities:  Julia Roberts, Diane Keaton, Steffi Graf, Fiona Bruce, Kelly Holmes, Vanessa Redgrave

Personality: Gentle, dreamy, approachable
Style Characteristics: Feminine, pretty, pale colours & soft pastels, tactile,with detailing e.g. lace, frills, sequins, flowers, ruffles
Visual Clues: Hair medium to long, with soft curls. Fabrics have tactile quality, often sheer and alluring to accentuate the female shape. Sparkly jewellery and embellishments such as emboidery and lace on clothing. Patterns feature flowers and soft, curved details. Sandals, peep toes, slingbacks, mules with ornamentation – showing painted toenails! Lacy, sexy underwear - no Sloggies for the romantic!
Celebrities: Katherine Jenkins, Kylie Minoque, Nicole Kidman, Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Hurley

Personality: Conservative, business-like, serious, smart
Style Characteristics: Classic, elegant, understated, neutrals, quality, timeless, tailored and structured, coordinated
Visual Clues: Clothes well maintained, perfect fit, core items  carefully chosen, expensive look fabrics.  Hair under control and often smooth. Make up well done and appropriate. Classic court shoes in leather with medium heels. Casual shoes would be good quality leather loafers. Favour simple but expensive looking jewellery - especially pearls.
Celebrities: Judi Dench, Anna Wintour, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama

CREATIVE (or Ethnic)
Personality: artistic, creative, projects original thought
Style Characteristics: Different, original, wild, unexpected, shocking, unusual combinations of colors and styles
Visual Clues: Anything goes, clashing colours & styles, sheer fabrics with heavy duty accessories. Unique pieces of jewellery or clothing often sourced on holiday or in charity shops. Bold patterns often mixed e.g stripes and spots and flowers. Hair in extreme styles and colours, with makeup to shock. Jewellery and accessories are worn in unusual ways.
Celebrities: Zandra Rhodes, Vivenne Westwood, Tracey Emin, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller (Ethnic)

: a bold and commanding look, oozes confidence, stunning, stylish
Style Characteristics: Drama, bold, powerful statements, strong styling, asymmetric styling, high contrast colors and patterns, bright colors, Visual Clues: Asymmetrical designs, oversized jewellery, fashion-forward, bright colours, zips, exotic fabrics, bling. Hair short or long but always well cut and ever changing. High impact look with great attention to detail. Rarely totally coordinated but everything put together with care. Jewellery and accessories are chosen to be large, bold and eyecatching
Celebrities: Madonna, Mary Portas, Sharon Osbourne, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna

: Modern, cool, urban, fashionable but often understated
Style Characteristics
: neat, co-ordinated, 'of the moment' but also expensive looking, formal classics, good quality fabrics, tailored perfection
Visual Clues:  Careful co-ordination is key, with tone-on-tone accessories. The overall look is one of understated elegance, but with an up to date, modern twist.  Hair and clothes always well groomed.  Stylish jewellery, often with a hint of colour. It is clear that time and effort is dedicated to matching the right jewellery to the outfit being worn. 
Celebrities: Catherine Deneuve, Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice, Lily Allen, Alexa Chung

Take our Jewellery Personality Quiz to determine exactly what your style type is - or to determine the style type of the person for whom you are buying.


Your scores will indicate how strongly a style represents you as opposed to the other styles. You are highly likely to have a top style preference strongly tinged with a secondary one which affects how you dress and accessorise for your style overall.

Once you have determined what your Jewellery Personality Style is, you can use the search filters on the right of the page, listed under ‘Styles’, to identify the items most suitable to meet with your style preferences. 


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