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Style Personality Quiz

What makes you unique?

• Select the one response (a-f) that best describes how you feel about each of the following questions (Q's 1-8)

• Respond to every question - if you’re unsure, select the response which seems to be the most appropriate

• Don’t spend too much time on each one

• Your most immediate response is likely to be what’s most true for you

• Be as honest as possible

So....what characterises you?

1. The type of clothes I prefer for work are:

a. Separates that mix and match – comfortable but professional

b. Classically tailored suits

c. Nothing too classic, preferably softer lines with a touch of femininity

d. Fashionable, bold, powerful, designs

e. Appropriate but unexpected combinations

f. Elegantly blended neutrals in the very best quality

2. The type of clothes I prefer for weekends:

a. Sportswear or casual gear

b. Timeless, good quality slacks and shirt or sweater

c. Soft dresses or long flowing skirts, tops with pretty details

d. Latest fashions, something striking and different

e. Ethnic, avant-garde or unpredictable styles

f. Simple but chic, like a designer tracksuit

3. My favourite hairstyle is:

a. Casual, fuss free, wash and go if possible

b. Controlled and neat, not too severe

c. Long and a little flowing if possible but definitely soft and never short

d. Sleek for dramatic effect – even if you can’t do them you may love asymmetric French style bobs

e. Spiked, loose curls, Pre-Raphaelite style, a slightly hippy look even

f. Smooth styles both current and timeless

4. My favourite top is:

a. A wool or cotton polo or other simple t-shirt

b. A tailored shirt in silk or beautiful cotton

c. Something with pretty details

d. A bold shirt or top, something different

e. Something arty with ethnic overtones

f. Fine jersey or silk- a little luxurious but simple

5. My accessory choice would be:

a. Little if anything –small discreet

b. Something classy, modern day equivalent of pearls and simple gold pieces

c. Delicate pretty pieces, antique or mock antique, including vintage and dainty jewelled pieces.

d. Bold geometric shapes worn on their own so they stand apart

e. Drop earrings, hoops. Ethnic pieces

f. Gold ropes, Chanel style, interesting but classic pieces

6. My favourite shoes are:

a. Above all else comfortable –trainers or something flat

b. Court shoes

c. Higher heels with open toes or sling backs, pretty details on sandals

d. Black patent high heeled boots or styles that make a statement

e. Cowboy boots or suede boots

f. Squared toe, something contemporary but classic

7. For evening wear I would choose:

a. Trouser suit of evening trousers and top

b. Simple black dress or its equivalent

c. Ruched and swathed something with soft lines and pretty details

d. Strong, simple lines and a strong, slightly unusual colour or black

e. Earth colours, combined in an unusual skirt and top and accessorised with ethnic style jewellery

f. Elegant trousers, silk camisoles, and semi-tailored or long, drapey jackets, in beautiful fabrics

8. Favourite colour combinations are:

a. Natural looking dyes, nothing too bright or startling

b. Blends of colours which are close in tone – not ultra high contrast

c. Pastels

d. Rich bold colours against black

e. Unusual shades and earth rich tones

f. Neutrals combined for elegance – shades of grey or beige or camel

RESULTS : Work out your total! 

Are you mostly a's, b's, c's d's, e's or f's? 



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