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Style Personality Quiz Results

- so what did your results mostly consist of...?

Mostly A’s = Natural
Your style preference is very natural. Clothes that are comfortable are a must. You are likely to prefer natural fabrics. Easy-wearing comfort is important and you will not want too much fuss or accessorisation. You hate feeling formal and restricted. You can avoid sacrificing style for comfort completely and discover how to wear clothes and more simple jewellery in which you feel both comfortable and stylish.  Relaxed but with a subtle dash of jewellery personality!

Mostly B’s = Classic
Your look is timeless and you tend to avoid trends and to like clothes and jewellery that speak of quality, simplicity and a timeless elegance. You have a fairly formal wardrobe and don't like to mix textures. Pearls are your default choice when it comes to jewellery.   You can avoid looking dated by reviewing your clothing and accessories every few years. Styling details change so by reflecting some of these more subtle changes (e.g. try larger, ribboned, multi-strand pearls) you can avoid looking dated and out of touch, whilst still maintaining your smart classic look.

Mostly C’s = Romantic
You love to dress up and plan your wardobe. You are likely to prefer a skirt and feminine top to jeans and t-shirts. You love details on clothing – pretty trims, sparkly jewellery and you wouldn’t dream of dashing out in any old thing! You adore pretty things, the more bows fringes, extra lace etc the better. Classic tailored styles may be a little boring on you and you will want to create touches of interest without completely overdoing it to lose credibility.  Your jewellery is full of feminine style, highly detailed and overlaid - the more, the better!

Mostly D’s = Dramatic
Your interest is in strong bold lines and colours rather than anything too fussy, floral or feminine. You enjoy creating impact and will look good in the strongest colours from your palette, worn in contrast, to catch the eye. You want to make an entrance so are always on the look-out for items with a 'wow' factor. If you are more petite you will benefit from using eye catching accessories and a good haircut to make your statement.  For you, it is important that your jewellery makes a statement too.  Bolds and brights are for you!

Mostly 5’s = Creative (or Ethnic)
An indivEdual style that defies neat packaging! You like to give yourself a unique and interesting look.  If you are someone who enjoys exploring vintage and second hand shops this could be you. To express your style appropriately you can be wild in your personal life and demonstrate the inner you in smaller details of your clothing- the asymmetric lines of a skirt or unusual jacket or touch of something different in your accessories. You are likely to die in classic clothes unless you can give them an unusual twist.  Your jewellery needs to be quirky and orginal and is worn in unusual ways.

Mostly F
’s = Contemporary (or City Chic)
You dedicate time and thought to the way you look.  You’ve lived through a number of styles and as you’ve lived through various fashion phases you have now settled on a look that is chic and simple maybe stemming from being classic in the past but now you have a more relaxed contemporary feel to you or you may have been Dramatic and are now seeking something more comfortable and less high maintenance!  You love accessories and sometimes spend more time on them than on your outfit.  You will tend to be seeking stylish jewellery with a hint of colour.

Your scores will indicate how strongly a style represents you as opposed to the other styles. You are highly likely to have a top style preference strongly tinged with a secondary one which affects how you dress and accessorise for your style overall. SEARCH FOR THESE STYLE CHOICES via the 'STYLES' MENU.


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