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Where do I start...?

Not sure what type of jewellery will suit you best? - our online Jewellery Consultancy service is here to help you.

Pic of Jewellery Consultant

It's always desirable - but also can sometimes be overwhelming and mesmerising -  to have a wide choice of jewellery to choose from -  but did you realise that there are certain personal style and image guidelines which can help you narrow down the choice to something which will be just perfect for you!

By answering a few very simple questions in 'Be Guided' you will be provided with a key to what specific search categories will help you to identify jewellery which complements you perfectly in terms of

- your best colours  - using, as a basis, the science of colour analysis to identify your natural colouring (skin tone, and hair and eye colour) and what jewellery colours would complement your colouring best

- your best shapes - by determining your face shape, this provides a fundamental indicator of the shapes of jewellery which will suit you best

- the best size of jewellery for you- by determining your overall scale, it is possible to identify the size of jewellery which will suit you best, anything from small & dainty, through to large and chunky.


- your best style of jewellery  drawing upon the techniques employed by image consultants to determine your 'jewellery personality' we can provide you with a basis for determining whether you will feel most 'yourself' in anything from a neat and classic style of jewellery through to bright and bold high fashion statement items.

Click on into each of the additional pages in this 'Be Guided' section  and let our online Jewellery Consultancy service inform and guide you!


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